Innermost. There is no more appropriate word to define Tacuil, amazing place nestled in the Calchaquí Valley, specifically in Molinos, Salta. There, inland, the Dávalos family discovered a suitable area for extreme winemaking and an astonishing terroir for the production of high altitude wines.

The challenge began long ago: the family history tied to the vines dates back to the mid 1800s, when Ascensión Isasmendi of Dávalos, founder of the oldest winery in the country, introduced the first foreign grapevines into the valley, changing the Calchaquí landscape forever.

The plants adapted to the new conditions imposed by the soil and climate of Salta, and evolved favorably with the native grape. The descendants of Doña Ascensión continued caring for the vineyards over the years and forged what is now a tradition.

Raúl Dávalos Goytia, the fifth generation of wine-makers, was no stranger to this passion of his ancestors. In 1982, he decided to settle in the valley and take on the management of the winery himself.

With a defiant disposition, Raul focused his philosophy on the concept of terroir and took even further his commitment to reject oak aging, claiming that Tacuil wines should demonstrate the originality of its grapes in its purest state, without the classical influence of wood. Moreover, he was a pioneer in the altitude winemaking, which distinguishes the products of the high valley of Salta.

And said elaboration philosophy is the one that this sixth generation of wine-maker family of Salta has inherited.