Sixth Generation

Raul Dávalos forged the ideal of family work and teamwork in his sons and nephews. Currently four cousins, who consider themselves brothers really, are the pillars of the company.

Raúl Dávalos Rubio, agricultural engineer, seeker of terroirs and new challenges, knows in detail every corner of the valley, its soils, rivers and mountains. "Yeyé" is responsible for the overall operation of the winery, vineyards management, and he also collaborates in the winemaking process.

Francisco Morelli Rubio, passionate about wine, fearless, presents Tacuil wines to the markets, vehemently defending his interest for high-altitude terroir. "Pancho" is responsible for the company's commercial area, both locally and abroad.

Diego Dávalos García Reynoso, meticulous and quiet, keeps his cousin's impulsiveness in line, working to complete the family vision of the winery. As an accountant, "Pepo" is in charge of the administrative and financial areas.

Álvaro Dávalos Rubio, oenologist. The youngest in the family, tireless traveler, trained in different winemaking regions across the world. He seeks to make sincere wines, as he likes to call them, reflecting the naked terroir. "Pili" is responsible for the development and production of the winery.